We've Crafted Two Ways to HelpNurture Your Dream

Ever since my dad began building houses and minding the Roetcisoender farm, he instilled in me an enthusiastic work ethic that’s helped us design thousands of homes. Whether you choose a Custom Design or Ready to Build Stock Plan, you are ensured of a highly crafted hand-drawn design, along with our tech team’s quality construction drawings, for a dream home that will nurture your family for years to come. Let’s begin…

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Custom Homes with JWR Design

Your investment in a Custom Design will serve your family for a lifetime. Our enthusiasm, experience, and know-how will help make that process smooth…

  • Nearly 30 years of experience designing 1000s of Custom Home Plans
  • Initial consultation and feasibility including site consideration
  • Technical expertise including permitting and building codes
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Ready to Build Stock Plans

Do you want to achieve your dream quickly and economically, with proven plans and the same ingrained quality of our Custom Designs? JWR Ready to Build Stock Plans may be for you…

  • Immediate realization of your dream
  • Fraction of the cost of a JWR Custom Home Design
  • Choice of proven JWR Stock Plans
  • Option to revise any Stock Plan you choose