JWR Design

The Beauty of Efficiency

You want a home to nurture family, organize life, and inspire dreams. We design Custom and Ready to Build Stock Plans, ingrained with 30 years of JWR experience and enthusiasm! Let’s start dreaming and designing together.


Artisan Designed

We practice the lost art of hand-drawn craftsmanship for lasting beauty and quality.



We are a family-owned business and understand family needs of efficient flow, comfort, and safety.


Builder Friendly

Built from our original roots in construction, we ensure cost effective “buildability”.

home design at JWR Design

Our Passion

Providing The Best Home Design Service

We aim to help you design a house that is beautiful, efficient to build, and is a space you and your family love calling home. 

We believe this can only be done by first Listening to the needs of our clients to ensure every detail is met, a hard Work Ethic learned on the family farm, and Enthusiasm ignited by the dreams of those we serve.

Working With Us

You Are Our #1 Priority

We put you and your desires and needs ahead of our own.

Creative Design

We feel we have excellent design quality when it comes to space layout and exterior design. We feel confident that we can handle whatever design style and layout the customer desires.

Efficient, Builder-Friendly Plans

Our construction documents and entire process leads to a stress free building process. We attempt to be extremely thorough when laying out the structure, ultimately helping the builder effectively execute the build.

kitchen home design at JWR Design


We Treat You Like Family.

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Build Your Dream Home

Custom Home Design

Your investment in a Custom Design will serve your family for a lifetime. Our enthusiasm, experience, and know-how will help make that process smooth…

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Stock Plans at JWR Design

Ready To Build

Stock Plans

Do you want to achieve your dream quickly and economically, with proven plans and the same ingrained quality of our Custom Designs? JWR Ready to Build Stock Plans may be for you…