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Who We Are

When it comes to building, you want the ideal house that feels like home—one your family will enjoy, share with others, and cherish for many years to come.

The challenge is that building a house can often become both complicated and expensive. Sadly, for many, the experience leads to stress and concern that—in the end—they might not be happy with the final result.

We have an answer for that. One that relieves stress and ensures an ideal result. One that can help make the entire home building process an exciting and memorable one.

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Jerry and Lucas Roetcisoender

Let’s Eliminate the Complications

At JWR Design, we eliminate the complications that come with a building project to make sure that you not only find a plan that fits your needs, but one that reflects your unique character and creativity. And one that is designed to be constructed efficiently within your budget.

In the simplest terms, your custom home should:

Time, Experience, & Simplicity

Over the past 30 years, we have designed thousands of homes in an area of the country with the most challenging and complex design and building requirements. So, whether you choose a custom design or want to select from one of the many existing plans—saving time and money—you can be confident that your project will begin with the highest quality design.

Ready to create your new home? The process is simple. Simply contact us today, or click the button below!

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