Semiahmoo Shore

JWR’s partnership with the Semiahmoo Shore community allowed us the freedom to hand-design artisan style homes for over 40 families, and gives you the chance to drive by and visit samples for ideas for YOUR dream home. Explore vaulted ceilings, beautiful materials, soaring windows, and other features you might bring into your design – plus a drive to the Semiahmoo Peninsula is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

If you are thinking of a Custom home for your family, consider visiting Semiahmoo Shore on the Semiahmoo Peninsula. Our partnership with the community allowed us the freedom to hand-design over 40 homes that will nurture families for years to come. Be sure to visit the open houses that will inspire you with ideas for soaring fireplaces, open floor plans, spa-like bathrooms, or cook-centered kitchens. Visit Semiahmoo Shore today!