“To Whom it may concern: Regarding Jerry Roetcisoender and his team at JWR Design. We would like to express our appreciation of the fine job you did for us. The custom home design was completed to the highest standards. They were able to incorporate and improve on all the ideas we had. It was great to work with them and they were able to bring everything together for us. We were on our way to construction permits and a contractor all in short order. We would have no hesitation in recommending you for other work. A very pleasant experience building our first home.”

-Peter and Klara R.


“Dear Jerry,
We thought we’d let you know we’re about to “break ground” and start the construction phase of our new home here in Lynden. The entire process, beginning with the rough design review with the city, was conducted by you and your staff in a very professional manner, with a keen eye on cost control and timeliness. You effortlessly took all of our ideas and incorporated them into a beautiful home design. Moreover, you made it a lot of fun! Getting to know you and your highly competent staff was a pleasure and made the design phase easy, understandable, and an efficient use of our time. We look forward to having as much fun in the building process. So, thanks to all of you at JWR for a truly pleasant experience.”


“Dear JWR Gang-
Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into making our dream home a reality. We have had a wonderful experience working with all of you and we would highly recommend you to our friends. What a blessing you have been to our family.”

-Kevin and Trina B.


“JWR Design,
A BIG thank you to Jerry and staff for making this a positive and FUN experience! We look forward to, someday, making the farmhouse our home. Have a great summer everyone! Thanks again!”

-Matt and Carole M. 


“Jerry and crew-
Thank you so much for all your help. Beautiful design, permits, etc… Wow-you guys rock! Come out and see the progress any time!”

-Cory I.


“Dear Jerry and team,
We have enjoyed working with all of you. Your friendliness and enthusiasm make it pleasant to come to your office!”

-Charlie and Jean


We are enjoying our new home and thank you for all your excellent design work!”

-Kurt and Lani S.


“Dear Jerry,
Steve and I want to thank you for making our ideas a reality. We are so impressed with the design of our house, we near thank you daily. You listened so carefully to our ideas, needs, and desired; then made them work. There is a great flow in the house. From every window comes a great amount of light, even on gray, foggy days. Light fills the stairwell and invites one to go downstairs. And the master bathroom worked out very well. Of course it is all so much more than we’ve ever had before. Visitors are impressed with a perspective of view from every part of the house, the flow, and efficiency of it all. But most of all they comment on the view of the house from the road as they arrive. Looks very good, both front and back views. Thank you for listening to us and putting it into reality.”

-Steve and Marion H.


“Dear Jerry-
It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for all you did. We are very excited about the house and would love to invist you out with we get it completed. A big thank you to the rest of the team for all their hard work as well. They’re great! Blessings!”

-Jim T. 


“Hi Jerry,
We were so glad you and your wife were able to attend our open house. Didn’t our house turn out fantastic? We just love it. You put us in contact with a fabulous builder and his equally qualified subs. You gave us a contact to help with the interior, too, and it turned out that she practically coordinated the entire decorating scheme—from tile and floor selection, to paint, to carpet—you name it. We think she is great. Please stay in touch, and we will drop by to say hi when we are in your neighborhood. Thank you for making this new phase of our lives such a wonderful experience.”

-Cheryl and Jim W.


“Dear Jerry and JWR staff,
It has been our real pleasure working with you these past two months. We appreciate the courtesy, professionalism, and patience extended to us during the design process and since. Your designs and finished plans are beautiful and the cost saving suggestions were much appreciated. It is wonderful to have a home designed around our lifestyle. Our contractor speaks highly of your cooperation, expertise, and design. We are 100% satisfied customers and will confidently recommend you to all of our friends and associates.”

-Jim and Sharon C. 


“Dear Sirs and Madams:
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Roetcisoender on approximately ten to twelve projects I have general contracted, in an executive resort community in our area. Mr. Roetcisoender’s attention to the concerns and desires of the clients have led to some of the most unique yet functional homes designed in the area. His attention to detail both in the design phase as well as in the actual working drawings themselves has made the construction phase of the process a very smooth, trouble free, yet exciting experience. In closing, his enthusiasm in the design phase is greatly appreciated by those he comes in contact with. I am very pleased to be able to recommend Mr. Jerry Roetcisoender.”

-Ray P. 


“Dear Jerry and gang,
Julie and I want to thank you and your staff for making our dream home become reality. When we started this project a few years ago, we never envisioned the home we now live in. The whole experience has turned out to far exceed our expectations and the planning/building challenge was a great joy to us. We believe this could not have occurred without your energetic professionalism, expertise, and patience. We always enjoyed our meetings with you and your staff. We get amazed comments from the folks who visit our house. They especially like the curb appeal, interior layout/design and the Timber framing! Of course, we are always eager to give credit to you and we still keep your sign at our entryway. We have been in contact with “Timber Homes Illustrated” in New York City and they want pictures for a potential profiling, but they wanted everything furnished. We are still working on that! I think we have enough furniture in the great room and kitchen to send pictures anyway. Julie and I would be more than happy to show your workmanship or answer any questions your clients may have. Once again, many thanks for all your help!”

-Dutch and Julie J.


“Prospective Clients of JWR:
I am writing to give a very positive recommendation for JWR Design, Inc. Jerry designed our home from our own sketches. We were very impressed with the professionalism he and his competent and friendly staff showed us. We found the building process was also greatly facilitated by using a professional designer like Jerry. We have been in our home for over a year and find the design extremely functional. We have been complimented many times on the design and live-ability of our home from not only friends, but people who toured our home during the building process. This gave us a great sense of pride and confidence through the building process and the functional design continues to give us satisfaction daily. If you require more information on our experience with JWR please feel free to contact me.”

-Perry S.


“Dear Jerry,
We want you to know how pleased we are with the design of our home. As Randy has said to all of our friends, your design work was the best money we spent the entire process of building our home. We’ve been in our home for more than a year now, and so we get the inevitable question, ‘Well, now that you’ve lived in it, what would you change about the house?’ truthfully, there is little we have any disappointment in. We attribute this to your ability, and especially to your perception of our desires. You took the time to understand what we were after, and were flexible in crafting for us the design that we wanted. We really enjoyed working with you. We think you would be pleased with the results, and if you ever would like to see how it all turned out, we would be glad to have you come out. Just give us a call. Again, we want to communicate our sincere appreciation for your work. Every day we enjoy the benefits of it!”

-Leslie H.