Jerry Roetcisoender grew up immersed in a world of house design and intrigued with the building process. Jerry’s father was a contractor and willingly involved Jerry in every step of the process. When Jerry was finished with high school, he knew house design was in his future. Westside Building supply in Lynden, Washington provided Jerry with an opportunity to achieve some experience in the design field. Jerry worked for Westside designing houses for a year before opening his own small design company in Lynden. Jerry had already made numerous and valuable connections with contractors and builders in and around Lynden in his one year designing at Westside. Jerry’s diligent work ethic, creativity, and desire to form and keep good relationships with his clients brought his business to a whole new level. In 1997, Jerry opened a new and larger office and in 2004 entered into a business partnership in order to manage the substantial amount of work that continued to roll in.

When the recession hit in 2009, the partnership ended and JWR Design was required to minimalize employees down to three. JWR Design has continued to gain momentum over the past three years and the future appears optimistic. JWR takes a team approach to everything they accomplish. JWR creates and maintains excellent relationships with their clients by listening to their needs and desires and continually traveling beyond expectations!